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Book reviews will recommence on Monday, but for your Friday and weekend entertainment, please consider the below diamonds in the rough.

First, a lively interview of constitutional scholars Prof. Richard Epstein and Prof. John Yoo on the topic of “Obamacare and the Supreme Court,” conducted by Peter Robinson on A Superfluous Man‘s favorite “television” program, Uncommon Knowledge:

Prof. Donald Kagan’s lecture on “The Persian Wars,” subject of this week’s review of Herodotus. The full course is available here on the Open Yale website (please note that the course may also be downloaded using the iTunes University function offered by Apple, for those who wish to exercise their minds whilst jogging with their iPods).

Finally, a dense thicket of an essay on Lucretius in The Weekly Standard, in which the redoubtable Prof. Harvey Mansfield reviews Prof. Stephen Greenblatt’s recent The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. It being de rigueur to say something clever about this book these days, it will inevitably find its way onto A Superfluous Man sometime in March or April once my backlogged Kindle inventory is worked down a bit. For the moment, one should never pass up an opportunity to enjoy an intramural Harvard spat.