Our apologies for our protracted absence from cyberspace, dear Readers.

A Superfluous Man is not defunct, only distracted, and your (occasionally heated) objections to the sudden cessation of new posts have been duly noted.

More reviews of recent readings will follow in due course, including the collected works of George R. R. Martin, a history of the Medici clan, an investigation of the corrupt extra-virgin olive oil industry, a study of the use of robots in warfare, and a passel of political polemics by various and sundry nattering nabobs of negativity.

In the meantime, in commemoration of the original release of Tetris on June 6, 1984 –surely the post-Sputnik peak of Soviet technological prowess before the advent of perestroika–the infuriatingly superb Red Army Choir performing Korobeiniki:

And let us not allow the sixty-eighth anniversary of “The Longest Day” pass without mention: