A Superfluous Man

Be it resolved: In 2013, we shall read and review 125 books.

To our public:

Happy New Year!

Our faithful readers will recall that the purpose of this site has been to trace one Superfluous Man’s resolution to read 100 books in 2012, a quest that expired just shy of its goal yesterday. The full list of books read this year appears at right.

Incidentally, yesterday was also the payment renewal date for the superfluous-man.com Internet domain, which payment was duly rendered to the little man who sits behind the curtain of the World Wide Web.

So be not afraid, dear Reader: In 2013, A Superfluous Man shall return with higher-frequency posts and reviews. (We will continue for a few weeks with some 2012 housekeeping, reviewing those books that plunged over the Reviewer’s Cliff.)

For now, let us leave you with some “can’t miss” recommendations to start your new year, appearing roughly in the order in which we read them. (N.B.: Any purchases made via the below links will support a Superfluous Gift Card at Amazon.com, thus creating a positive feedback loop for this site.)

For those interested in reading the Bible over the course of a year, please consider this fine “app,” available on both Apple and Android devices (as well as a host of other platforms).

Respectfully submitted,

A Superfluous Man

Post-scriptum: Please do leave notes in the comments section to recommend any books you particularly enjoyed in the past year or would like to see appear here in 2013.

Post-post-scriptum: Please consider visiting the website of a Superfluous Friend, who recently posted her favorite books of 2012.