Left Turn, by Tim GrosecloseToday, a rare foray into the dismal social sciences….

Title: Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, by Tim Groseclose

Date: February 4, 2013 (#5)

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It is a commonplace on the Right (and, to be perfectly honest, everywhere else) that the mass media have an ever-so-slight difficulty with objectivity. Prof. Tim Groseclose marshals a number of social science arguments in a valiant attempt to prove the point with statistical rigor, relying largely on constructs like “Political Quotients” and “Slant Quotients.”

A couple of interesting takeaways:

  • The average “slant” of a New York Times news article is roughly equivalent to the average speech by Sen. Joseph Lieberman.
  • The most politically biased news articles (as opposed to editorials) may be found in….The Wall Street Journal [sic]. 

To calculate your own “Political Quotient,” Mr. Groseclose has a 40-question quiz on his website. A Superfluous Man’s is….inappropriate for disclosure in this non-partisan forum.

Mr. Groseclose is a far more articulate expositor of his own theory than I. I suggest that the below episode of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson will tell you everything might wish to know about the book:

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